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ginger atwood
Ginger Atwood


Why did you open The Alexis Agency?

Creating and executing stellar marketing plans is rewarding, but after years of working in the industry, I witnessed business models based upon short-term successes and an inherent lack of concern for clients' ROI. I could also see that the industry was rapidly changing and old agency models were going to suffer.

The answer was clear: build an agency based on the ability to develop strategic communication plans and own the results of executing those plans along with the client. Clients are savvier than ever, and if those clients respect the costs required for doing business with smart marketing firms, they have every right to expect those agencies to meet or exceed their expectations.


What is unique about The Alexis Agency's business model?

We adhere to a winning strategy. We stick with what works for our clients and for our team of professionals. Greed is transparent, and we can't allow ourselves to reach beyond our core competencies simply as a means to increase profits. That doesn't mean we cannot add enhanced services as technology and demand grows..

From our first day in business, we have always provided Advertising, Public Relations and Marketing services for our clients. Our model provides a balanced mix of these disciplines. Although each is a respected discipline, to gain maximum results, they should work in tandem. When clients hire advertising and PR agencies, they often do not understand how to bring the agencies together to communicate effectively. We take that stress away and hit the ground running. It also means we take full ownership of the communications plan!


How do you define good leadership?

I believe in leading from the front, and I'm referring to leading our clients as well as our staff. That sounds obvious, but some leaders hang back or allow their rank and title to be sufficient. I don't ask clients or employees to do anything I would not do myself or for our own company.

Good leadership leads by example and expects as much from themselves as from their team. Good leadership is also the ability to make quick decisions whenever necessary. I think fear of failure holds potentially good leaders back, and it can definitely paralyze an organization.


How do you achieve the agency's mission?

It's first by understanding that results go far deeper than winning new accounts or helping clients meet their sales and marketing goals. It is continually adhering to our agency's principles, understanding the fabric and culture of our organization.

Our mission is to apply our cross-disciplined approach in order to lead our clients effectively and to increase their rate of success while establishing long-term relationships based on trust and superior quality of work. We maintain honesty, forthrightness, respect, responsiveness, flexibility, and confidentiality. We listen intently, reinvent ourselves frequently, continually seek innovative ways to express our clients' message, and learn from relevant sources.

We will always seek potential clients actively so that we can serve only those who need and want our help; we will charge enough to maintain our core competence without losing our core character.