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Croom Construction Company started building high-end homes in Vero Beach over 30 years ago. They were the first residential contractor to structure their business to follow the superior standards of commercial building firms. Imitation is the greatest form of flattery as witnessed by how many builders followed their lead. Today, they are ranked 87th in the nation.

Client List
Alpine Mechanical Services
Beachlen Development
The Brook Women's Hope Center
Brooks Family Business
Children's Home Society
Croom Construction Company
DAE Capital
DAE Unversity
DAE Flight Academy
John's Island Club
Kimley-Horn and Associates
The Laughing Dog Gallery
Miller's Fine Decorative Hardware
Planned Parenthood of Northern NJ
Precision Painting & Waterproofing
Rock City Gardens
Whitehall Professional Property Management


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Challenge :: A successful company that’s smart enough to know they must stay ahead of the curve in an ever-changing marketplace turned to us to take their marketing to the next level. This also meant integrating their affiliate company into the plan, which posed the greatest challenge since it required changing public perceptions.

Solution :: Determine the public’s understanding of Croom’s services, then write the strategic Advertising and PR plan to address any misconceptions while increasing awareness with prospective clients and media alike. What followed was a smart ad campaign confirming them as the leading experts in the area of building, remodeling, and home preservation as well as developing websites, SmartMove videos, successfully generating our own online news, and securing multiple print and online media articles.

Results :: We positioned Croom and their affiliate, Whitehall Professional Property Management as the unified, most experienced contractor, maintenance and property management companies, strategically co-branding the two and filling a niche within the market.
"After 31 years in business and working with numerous advertising and public relations companies, we've never had an integrated package like what The Alexis Agency provides us. They have outdone everybody we've worked with." David Croom, President and Founder